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Finance and Accounting

Simplify accounting and financial processes improve cashflow analytics treasury and financial risk management. Increase the agility of your finance processes and gain end-to-end analytics.

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Manage the whole process of converting a lead to a client with our digital sales pipeline and marketing strategy analytics. Be on top of your relationship with clients and gain customer loyalty with PurpleDove CRM.

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Human Resources

With PurpleDove, you can seamlessly manage all HR activities end to end including real time analytics from job applications, recruitment activities, employee on-boarding, records, attendance, shift, transfers, promotion e.t.c

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Manage both your wholesale and retail sales operation. Support your retail operations with our retail POS application.

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Inventory and Assets Management

With an automated inventory management system, you can increase visibility of assets, track inventory in real time and increased staff productivity.

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Project Management

Increase control over project costs, completion and profitability while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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