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Integrate and control all your operational processes with our flexible and adaptable ERP system, PurpleDove. With demonstrable success in multiple sectors, PurpleDove is the perfect solution for SMEs across the globe.
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Introduction to PurpleDove ERP

Complete the digital transformation of your business with PurpleDove ERP. Elevate your organisation in the market, reduce costs and implement new efficiencies. Below are the most important features of PurpleDove ERP


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What Makes PurpleDove ERP the best

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Comprehensive tools for all your operations

The PurpleDove ERP is a suite of modules including the follwoing Accounting, Assets , Inventory, CRM, HR, Payroll , Project, Procurement, Selling, Quality Assurance, POS, Manufacturing Module, Education Module, Healthcare Module, Education Module, Agriculture Module,

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Flexible and cost effective

PurpleDove is an easy-to-use, adaptable and customisable cloud ERP solution. Our teams can work with you to tailor bespoke solutions and customize to your needs.

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Multi-industry cutting edge technology

We have sophisticated operating, analytics and reporting systems for various industries like, Retail, Distribution, Service, E-commerce e.t.c

Use cases

Example Use Cases

Increased Profitability

With swiftness and flexibility in business operations, PurpleDove ERP helps you to focus on improving profitability and winning the market.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Essential to business growth is the ability to track and analyze incoming and outgoing funds. PurpleDove ERP system plays an inevitable role in improving the operational efficiency of modern businesses.

Inventory and Assets Management

With an automated inventory management system, you can increase visibility of assets, track inventory in real time and increased staff productivity.

Customer Support and Relationship Management

Meet customer demand using the most efficient and practical way possible with our 24/7hrs customer support system and services.

Human Resource and Personnel Management

Achieve success with an effective human resources management system to eliminate all routine paperwork associated with human resources

Project Management

Increase control over project costs, completion and profitability while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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